Generate X509 Certificate by Azure Key Vault


Azure Key Vault is a tool for keeping the secrets data safe such as Connection String for database connection, X509 Certification for authentication

Azure Key Vault has 3 main components as follows.

  • Key – use for data encryption
  • Secret – a sensitive data
  • Certificates – CA or Self Signed


  1. Azure Portal Subscription Account – If you don’t have one. Try it for free

Let’s Start

  1. Create Resource Group – skip this if you already have one
  2. Add New Azure Key Vault App – Click on New button and type “azure key vault”

  3. In the Key Vault app you just created, go to “Certificate” section, and click “Add” button

    The method of creation you can should either you want to create new or import to key vault.
  4. It will generate certificate for you for a while.

Creating with certificates section it will automatically generate a secret for a newly created certificate and also generate a key for this secret. You can go see them in “Secret” and “Key” section.

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